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MP supports national cemetery for uniformed services

17th December 2010

MP supports national cemetery for uniformed services


Local MP, Gordon Henderson is supporting an appeal which has been launched to establish a permanent national cemetery for uniformed servicemen and women.


The National Cemetery Appeal aims to raise money via donations and fundraising to create a national resting place for those who have served our country for example, those in the Armed Forces, Police Force and Fire and Rescue Service, among others.


The Appeal has been launched by Patrick Eston, the former leader of the Veritas Political Party, who said:


“Our aim is to establish a permanent home for the National Cemetery in the Midlands where we can bring together every sector of the Uniformed Services who are essential to the daily lives of all of us. This includes the Police, Fire Services and of course the Armed Forces to name but a few, and will ensure that the final resting place for these often unsung heroes and heroines are maintained to the high standards that they deserve, as well as being a lasting legacy for their family and friends.


“We are in the initial stages, and there is lots of work to be done from finding and financing the land to fundraising and admin support. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and help us.”


Mr Henderson said,


“I support the idea of a National Cemetery as a way of permanently honouring those who have died in the service of our country.


“Of course, families should always have the last say as to where their loved ones are buried and I am sure many people would still want their final resting place to be their local cemetery.


“However, a National Cemetery would be another option that many others will find attractive.”


For more information, please visit www.thenationalcemetery.co.uk or phone 01827 881531.