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MP welcomes help for local hauliers

26th October 2012
MP welcomes help for local hauliers

Local MP Gordon Henderson has welcomed news that the Government is to introduce legislation that will introduce a new levy for all heavy goods vehicles weighing 12 tonnes and over that use Britain’s roads.

The new levy will apply to all categories of public roads in the UK and to both UK and foreign-registered HGV’s, however, vehicle excise duty will be reduced for UK hauliers to compensate them so they will be no worse off.

Mr Henderson said:

“Local hauliers have been complaining for a long time that they face unfair competition from foreign haulage companies who make no contribution towards the upkeep of Britain’s roads, whereas British hauliers have to pay hefty toll charges when they operate on the Continent.

“I have been working with those hauliers to lobby the government and I am delighted that our pleas have been heard and action is to be taken to level the playing field.”

Local hauliers have also welcomed the proposed legislation.

Paul Nichols, the Managing Director of Nicholls Transport said:

'This is long overdue, particularly as it was in Labour's 1997 manifesto. It is a good thing as long as it is cost neutral to UK hauliers and does not give us an administrative burden. Europeans trading with Britain have enjoyed an 8% currency swing since last year, which causes even more difficulty for the UK haulier.'

Mike Presneill, the Managing Director of Presneill Tippers said:

"The news of an impending reduction in excise duty for UK HGV Operators will be most welcome, especially at a time when all are suffering from the effects of dropping trade volumes and stagnant haulage rates, due to the recessional downturn.
“With the implementation of a Lorry Road User Charge (LRUC) in the UK, being applied to both UK and Foreign trucks alike, how any reduction in Excise Duty for the UK Operator will balance out the effects of a scheme designed to collect revenue from foreign trucks using UK roads, is hard to imagine. The duty to operate a 44 tonne artic for 12 months in the UK is at present £1200.00. Once the LRUC is introduced, it will be interesting to see what the reduction in duty will be. It would be even more interesting to see what duty a LRUC will impose on the UK Haulier.
“The Lord Gives, but he also has the ability to take away!"

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