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Labour's tax on jobs to be scrapped by Tories

Gordon Henderson has welcomed the announcement by David Cameron that a future Conservative Government would stop Labour’s planned tax on working people.

Gordon said: "Labour will kill the recovery with their tax on working people – so I am delighetd that David has said that a Conservative Government would scrap their plans. It now means that 7 out of 10 working people will be better off with the Conservatives, rather than under Labour."

How we’ll do it

• Labour’s planned rise in National Insurance next April will hit anyone earning over £20,000 a year and all jobs over £5,700.
• This tax threatens the recovery: leading business experts predict it could cost 57,000 jobs.
• We will cut waste to stop this tax rise altogether for anyone earning under £35,000 by raising the threshold at which National Insurance kicks in to protect those on lower incomes.
• Relative to Labour’s plans, everyone earning between about £7,000 and £45,000 will be better off by up to £150 a year. That is 7 out of 10 working people. Nobody will be worse off than under Labour. Thousands of jobs will be protected.
• People on lower incomes will gain the most as a proportion of their incomes.
• We will also stop most of Labour’s tax rise on employers by raising the threshold at which it kicks in.
• To stop Labour’s tax on workers next year we will cut waste to make in year savings this year of £6 billion – less than £1 in every £100 that the government spends every year.
• Next year we will conduct a spending review to make further savings, on top of measures that we have already announced like a public sector pay freeze excluding the lowest paid 1 million.
• Our plans for savings this year are based on advice from Gordon Brown’s former advisers on efficiency – Sir Peter Gershon and Dr Martin Read – who are now advising us.
• Across all government departments they think that £12 billion of savings can be made in-year without affecting front line services, by halting all major IT spending, renegotiating major contracts, controlling recruitment and cutting out discretionary spending.
• In the NHS – our priority – the overseas aid budget and – because we will carry out a strategic defence review – defence, the savings will be ploughed back into the frontline.
• That means we will make £6 billion of spending savings from other departments – equivalent to 2.8% of remaining departmental spending.

The choice
For the last 13 years, working people have seen their taxes go up and up and their money wasted. Labour themselves say there is £11 billion of waste but want to wait a year before dealing with it. Now Gordon Brown is planning a tax rise that would hit anyone earning over £20,000 a year, destroy tens of thousands of jobs and put the recovery at risk. That’s why the re-election of a Labour government with more debt, waste and taxes will bring us a new recession.

Labour will kill the recovery with their tax on working people – so we'll cut Labour waste to stop it. 7 out of 10 working people will be better off with the Conservatives. And we'll cut Labour's debt to stop higher interest rates and your mortgage going up. We’re all in this together, and we need new energy and fresh ideas to get Britain working for everyone.

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