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MP launches campaign against household waste charges

13th November 2012
MP launches campaign against household waste charges

Local MP Gordon Henderson has launched a campaign to persuade Kent County Council to review its policy of banning certain vehicles from using waste recycling sites even when those vehicles are driven by private householders seeking to dispose of legitimate household waste.

Mr Henderson this week raised the issue in Parliament when he asked the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles:

“Does my Rt Hon Friend understand that Kent County Council is preventing council tax payers from accessing their waste recycling centres if they drive a privately owned pick-up truck, or a car decorated with advertisements of any description?

“That Soviet-like diktat means that private motorists who possess only a pick-up truck are prevented from disposing of legitimate household waste, as are employees of companies that do not generate trade waste, such as driving school instructors. Does he agree with those policies?”

The Secretary of State backed up Mr Henderson in his usual robust way:

“I am most grateful to my Hon Friend. Up until this point I had never seen Kent County Council as cigar-chomping commies, but I will certainly pass his remarks on to the leader of that council. Councils have a legal duty to provide a civic amenity site for households free of charge for local residents. It is in the council’s interest to offer those services to reduce fly-tipping and increase recycling.”

Mr Henderson welcomed Mr Pickle’s support and vowed to continue pressing the Kent County Council until it changed its policy.

“Eric made clear that local residents should be able to dispose of household waste free of charge, irrespective of the vehicle they are driving.

“I simply cannot understand why the KCC cannot simply instruct its staff to accept genuine household rubbish, and turn away trade waste. It is easy to work out which is which.

“We are now in the position that trade waste can be disposed off at a tip as long as it is transported in the back of an unmarked family saloon, whereas a taxi driver cannot dispose of legitimate household waste. What a nonsense!”

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