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Gordon calls for action on SatNavs

Gordon Henderson is calling on manufacturers of satellite navigation equipment to develop a mapping system for the SatNavs installed in heavy goods vehicles that would direct them along major roads, rather than through narrow country lanes in our villages and tight residential roads in our towns.

Most satellite navigation systems allow drivers a certain amount of discretion, for instance by allowing them to choose either the shortest route or the quickest route. Some systems also allow drivers to programme the SatNav to use motorways whenever possible.

Mr Henderson wants to see less flexibility in the SatNav systems installed in the cabs of HGVs.

Mr Henderson said:
“I hear constant stories of HGVs using quite inappropriate country roads south of the A2 because their satellite navigation systems are directing them towards the M2 and the M20 using the most direct route.

“It is also a problem in towns where SatNavs are sending huge juggernauts down narrow roads in our towns, causing chaos for local residents and motorists alike.

“Something needs to be done to get HGVs out of our villages and residential areas. I will be lobbying manufacturers to develop a mapping system that will direct HGVs only along roads that are suitable.

“I wouldn’t have thought that with the level of technology available to manufacturers it would be too difficult to programme SatNavs in this way. If they can fit limiters to lorries, then surely they can do the same for satellite navigation systems.

“Of course a new SatNav mapping system for HGVs won’t prevent drivers who know the area using side roads as a short cut, but at least drivers from outside the area could be directed away from unsuitable routes.”

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