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MP donates books to Morrisons Little Library initiative

7th June 2021

MP donates books to Morrisons Little Library initiative


Gordon Henderson MP visited both Morrisons supermarkets in Sittingbourne and Sheppey today to support their new Little Library initiative by donating Litter Angels books.


Morrisons has launched a book donation and exchange station for children in its stores, which aims to promote reading and literacy in children, particularly those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Customers can bring along unwanted books to donate and all children, teenagers and parents can pick up a book for free.


Mr Henderson has written two children’s books to support the work of local anti-litter charity, Litter Angels, and was keen to donate 50 books to each supermarket; 25 of each book.


Mr Henderson said,


‘Reading is essential in everyday life, so encouraging children to start reading from a young age, enjoy books and learn from them is very important, which is why Morrisons Little Library has my full support.


‘I was more than happy to donate some Litter Angels books to this initiative and hope it will encourage my constituents to donate some of their own books too.’  


Sally Candy, the Community Champion at Morrisons, Sittingbourne, said,


‘I think this initiative is a fantastic idea for the children. They have had to learn from screens for the last year with all the home schooling they have been doing, so to get them back into reading and using their imagination is great.  We have books for all ages, so please come along and make use of the Little Library’

Naomi Oulds, the Community Champion at Morrisons, Sheppey, said,


‘I was very excited when I heard about this initiative. With the pandemic over the last year, children have had a tough time with learning so this is great for them to be able to improve their literacy skills.  


‘We have had lots of lovely donations of books and these books from Mr Henderson are amazing and I would like to thank him. I know our Community will really appreciate them.’